"These are poems of tenderness and time. They attempt to articulate the intensities locked in a shadow, a breath, a memory. They are haunted by the knowledge that the currency of loss is always love." -- Anne Michaels

In Melanie Cameron's second collection, memory is wake: a return to consciousness, a commemoration of the dead, the undulating trace of event. In cycles of poems that invoke both family and classical mythology, Cameron invites us to explore the personal histories we carry tucked into the pockets of our bodies, and the public histories inscribed on the streets and the buildings of our cities.


Walking into each other, and walking...
She can come sit / in this alcove...
Memory needs / you or it...


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Publication Information

Author: Melanie Cameron
Publisher: The Muses' Company
Date of publication: October 2003
Pages: 112
Cost: $14.95 CAN
ISBN: 0920486495